Land & Sea Management

Sustainable Management of our Natural Resources in Leichhardt

For the past few months the sustainable managment of our natural resources namely the dugong and turtle has been a topic of much discussion by all.

In response to a call to end hunting of dugong and turtles, Yodie Batzke Family First Candidate for Leichhardt has recently convened a Mainland Torres Strait Islander Sea Symposium.

The purpose of the Symposium was to provide an opportunity for mainland Torres Strait Islanders to discuss issues raised by Colin Riddell on the inhumane manner in which turtles were being killed.

As a result Yodie Batzke has made a commitment to support a moratorium for 12 months. The symposium provided an opportunity for participants to comment - first of many forums to be convened by Family First Party of Leichhardt in the next few months.