Saturday, July 17, 2010


The 2010 elections are now officially underway. This is going to be a close election, how close only time will tell - in fact 5 weeks.  Questions have been raised as to where I am going to put my preferences now that I am running as INDEPENDENT.  Anyone who knows how it works, you never reveal your preferences until the time is right.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission news update as of today (17 July 2010) the closing date for nominations won't be until the 12 noon, Thursday 29 July 2010.

For those who are interested you will have to wait a little longer.  We currently have 5 candidates in the race so far.  Remember the 2007 election there were 11 candidates running.

The question I have for ALP and LNP:

  • Why won't they make any comments on Wild Rivers regardless of it being a state issue it will provide the platform for World Heritage listing of Cape York?
  • Why won't they make any comments on supporting sustainable management of dugong and turtle by Traditional Owners?
  •  Why is it that Leichhardt still doing it tough in employment, economic development, housing, lack of infrastructure,  health yet no comments have been made about tax breask for small business and on personal income tax? 
  • Why is it that our rivers are being locked up, our fishing industry is being locked up, and communities in remote area's seeking to further themselves through joint venture arrangements are being locked up?


Do you think the major parties are selling out LEICHHARDT for the GREEN VOTE????????

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